Article 1 General and definitions

1.1. The following terms are defined in these terms and conditions as follows: FF renting a car: FF renting a car Car rental located at St. Teunismolenweg 50e, 6534AG in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Car: the rented car rented by the tenant of FF’n car. Driver: the natural person who actually controls the car. Rental day: a calendar day from 08.00 hours until the next day at 07.30 hours. Tenant: the natural person or legal person with whom, or in whose name the rental agreement is made. Lease agreement: the agreement concluded with the lessee in accordance with a model used by FF ’s car hire, on the basis of which the car is made available to the lessee by FF’ s car hire.
1.2. The reservation / rental agreement is concluded online and in writing, unless otherwise agreed. FF’s renting a car is at all times entitled to refuse a tenant without giving reasons.
1.3. In the event of payment of the reservation, this is definitive on verification of identification data of tenant / driver after, if there are errors or fraud to passport and driver’s license, the reserved car will be refused and the reservation paid by the customer will not be refunded.
1.4 Start date / Entry time; The insurance starts after signing the tenancy agreement by the tenant and receipt of the keys.
1.5. End date / end time; The insurance ends at the moment that the tenant hands over the keys to the landlord and this has taken place on the rental agreement within the reserved time. The insurance will in any case automatically lapse after the end of the booking period.
1.6. Only with the written permission of FF’s car hire can the conditions of the rental agreement and these general conditions be deviated from.
1.7. In the event of renewal of the agreement, all conditions of the agreement remain in force, unless agreed otherwise in writing between the parties.

Article 2- Obligations and liability FF renting a car


2.1. FF’s car hire is mandatory prior to the rental agreement to provide a status description of the condition of the car to the tenant. If no notes are stated on the rental agreement, this means that the car has been leased under the condition at ‘Vehicle status’.
2.2. FF’s renting a car is obliged to remedy defects, if and insofar as it knew or ought to know the defects at the conclusion of the rental agreement, if FF’s renting of the car does not remedy the defects, the rental price will be in accordance with the defect. reduced.
2.3. The tenant must inspect the car and the mileage at the start / end of the rental agreement and sign it in the rental agreement. The number of free kilometers per day is 100, after which € 0.10 per kilometer is settled. FF ’s renting of a car is solely intended to deal with complaints about the condition of the car at the start of the rental agreement that have been made known to FF’ s renters by the tenant immediately at the start of the rental agreement.
2.4. FF’s renting of a car is only held to handle complaints about the invoicing, if they are expressed by the tenant within 60 days of the invoice date.
2.5. The liability of FF’s renting of a car is limited to the amount that the renter owes to FF’s car hire, unless FF’s renting of a car or its manager caused damage to the tenant by intentional or deliberate reckless action.
2.6. FF’s car hire ensures that the car is at least WA insured.
2.7. FF’s car hire ensures that the car is equipped with necessary items required in the Netherlands such as safety vest, spare lamps, triangle threats.

Article 3- Lessee’s obligations

3.1. The tenant is obliged to provide a good tenant for the car, to keep the car in good and unaltered condition in accordance with the description and to return it to the rental agreement. The car must be returned to the agreed place and time after the end of the rental period, with all accessories, keys, registration papers and other documents. The tenant is not allowed to use the car for a purpose contrary to the law or for a purpose for which the car is unsuitable. Unilaterally renewing the reservation without prior consultation with FF’n car rental is not permitted. See article 10 “penalty policy” for sanction.
3.2. In the sense of article 3.1. of these conditions the following use to tenant is in any case, but not exclusively, not permitted: giving instruction, pushing or pulling a vehicle or trailer (unless the car is explicitly suitable for this), participating in rallies or races, the use of the car in an area where the green card does not provide cover, the use by a driver who has not reached at least the age of 25 and has at least 1 year of a valid driving license, the use by a driver who is not the tenant or driver is mentioned in the rental agreement.
3.3. The car may only be used in countries listed on the green card: Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland. Call for current country information. Mention in advance (in the reservation) if you want to drive abroad.
3.4. Defects will be reported to FF’s car hire. In that case FF’s renting a car decides how and by whom the defects are remedied. If the defects are not reported to FF ’s car immediately after the start of the rental agreement, it is assumed that the tenant has caused the defects himself and the restoration of the damage by FF’ s car hire is charged to the tenant.
3.5. In the event of damage / theft, the lessee is obliged to complete a damage form completely and to send it to FF’s car within 2 working days after the damage has arisen.
3.6. Theft, embezzlement or other misappropriation and seizure of the car must be immediately reported to FF’s car by the tenant. The tenant is obliged to report theft, embezzlement or other theft to the police on the day of the theft, embezzlement or theft and to provide FF ’s car hire with a copy of the report of the same day. .
3.7. In the event of violation by the tenant of any provision in these general terms and conditions, the tenant shall forfeit an immediately due and payable penalty of € 75 per violation in favor of FF ’s car hire, to be increased by the amount of € 75 per day for which a part a day as a whole day counts that the damage continues, notwithstanding the right of FF to rent a car on actual compensation of damage suffered by it.
3.8. In case of violation of the provisions of this article, FF can rent a car for the full value of the car.
3.9. If the tenant does not return the car refilled at the end of the rental agreement, FF ’s car hire is entitled to fully refuel the car at the expense of the renter. In the fuel costs FF will rent a car for a fines penalty of € 25, – at the renter plus costs of petrol.
3.10. The tenant is responsible for ensuring that the car has the equipment and meets the requirements to be allowed to drive abroad (for example, the prescribed use of winter tires and / or snow chains.
3.11. The provision of article 3.7. if the tenant is a consumer, only applies insofar as the penalty corresponds to the damage.
3.12. If the tenant has provided inaccurate and / or incomplete information, the tenant has no cover on this insurance. We will recover any WA payments to third parties and / or hull payments to the lessor.
3.13. The following conditions apply to renting a car:
1. the tenant is at least 25 years old.
2. the tenant is in possession of a full and valid Dutch driving license or another EU driving license. The driving license must be valid for the category within which the vehicle to be rented falls.
3. the tenant is in possession of a driving license at least 12 months prior to the rental.
4. the tenant is resident in the Netherlands.
5. the tenant has not been convicted in the 8 years prior to the rental in connection with drink-driving, dangerous driving, driving without insurance or insurance fraud.
6. the tenant is and was not involved in more than 2 damage claims due to his debt prior to the rental.
7. the tenant is and has not been excluded or refused by any insurer for bad behavior in the 8 years prior to rental and there are no additional requirements for this reason.
8. the tenant does not use medication and has no disability or illness, so your driving behavior is negatively affected.
9. By registering as a tenant via an account you guarantee that you meet and continue to meet all of the above requirements. If you no longer meet one of these conditions, you may no longer use the service and FF ’s car hire is entitled to exclude you from using the service.
10. Rent FF’s car and any insurer are entitled to check the identity, creditworthiness, criminal history and history of the lessee’s driving behavior through third-party databases.

Article 4 – Liability tenant

4.1. Tenant has a deductible of € 450.00 – and is liable for all damage resulting from the violations mentioned in Article 3, as well as for all acts and omissions of the driver, passengers, third parties and all others who are in the car who use the car or actually have it. Tenant is responsible for registration / registration of extra drivers
4.2. The tenant is liable for all costs, fines and other measures related to the breach of any legislation plus a contribution of € 15, – in the administration costs of FF’s car hire or third parties (at the rates charged by third parties)
4.3. Any excess deducted by the renter does not apply to the following cases:
1. matters relating to loss of car keys.
2. matters relating to car tires.
3. refueling the wrong fuel.
4. damage or costs caused by remedy of empty tank.
5. window damage.
6. Theft.
7. Sleep costs.
8. Storage costs.
9. Repatriation to the Netherlands / Nijmegen.
The limitation of the deductible up to € 450.00 – also does not apply to the cases provided for in clauses 2 of this article, nor if criminal activities are involved / the reporting of erroneous data and / or failure to comply with agreements made at the time. sign the rental agreement.
4.4. If the tenant does not hand in the car on the agreed day of delivery, provided with all keys, documents and other items, FF’s renting a car is entitled to pass on the rent of the car until all goods have been fully surrendered to FF. rent a car. Such a non-return is regarded as embezzlement and gives FF’s car hire the right to make a declaration.
4.5. If the car is returned outside opening hours by depositing the papers and keys enclosed in an envelope intended for that purpose by the letter box, the lessee remains liable for fines and damages up to 4 hours after the opening of the rental location on the next day after delivery.
4.6 Renting FF and renter will sign the rental contract prior to the rental period. The tenant declares in the rental contract that the car has been taken into use without damage or defects or jointly with FF ’s renting car has been declared that there was already damage. This damage is clearly stated in consultation with FF ’s car hire at the relevant space in the rental contract. The position of the fuel gauge and if applicable the mileage should also be indicated on the rental contract. This lease contract will be part of the rental agreement by signing it
4.7 The tenant is responsible for returning the car:
 On the agreed date and place.
 Without having committed traffic violations.
 Includes keys and papers.
 With the same position of the fuel gauge as when signing the rental contract.
 In the same condition.
If the tenant does not return the car in accordance with the above, the penalty policy of FF’s car hire applies.
4.8 FF’s renting of a car will sign the rental contract at the end of the rental period and declare that the vehicle has been received again at the end of the rental period without damage or defects during the rental period. Any new damage with regard to the start of the rental period must be stated jointly on the rental contract.

Article 5 – Payment

5.1. Payment must be made in advance when booking via internet (iDeaL, credit card) or when picking up the car at the rental location only with pin, there
5.2. The tenant is not entitled to settle the payment of the rent against any counterclaim, nor to suspend payment of the rent.
5.3 If the tenant does not strictly comply with the payment term, he shall be in default without further notice and pay interest equal to the statutory commercial interest increased by 2%.
5.4. In the event of default, the tenant owes extrajudicial costs amounting to 15% of the principal sum with a minimum of € 125.00, without prejudice to the right of FF to rent a car in order to claim the actual costs.
5.5. In the event of a claim and / or theft, embezzlement or theft, the renter owes the deductible to FF’s rent of the car in addition to the obligation to pay full compensation in a particular case to the renter.
5.6. The tenant gives permission at the conclusion of the lease agreement to open a deposit of € 250.00 via Pin or Credit Card. After checking the car, this deposit is immediately returned to the tenant’s account but can also be used after the end of the lease to collect additional costs due by the tenant, as mentioned under point 5.7.
5.7. Any additional costs will be collected from the tenant by FF’s car after the end of the rental agreement. These are costs that result from:
1. Additional kilometers driven, Everything more than 150 km per day (the number of free kilometers indicated by FF’n car hire) is charged with € 0.12 per day. The price for extra kilometers is recorded in the rental agreement. If the kilometers have been bought off which is only possible for 1 day, 500 kilometers per day may be driven, above 500 km. € 0.20 must be paid per day.
2. cleaning costs in case of serious contamination.
3. fines and procedural costs relating to parking traffic or other violations, including costs of towing or wheel clamp during the rental period.
4. A loss or damage as a result of the non-fulfillment of the lease by the tenant.
5. A loss or damage as a result of the non-fulfillment of the general conditions by the tenant.
6. VAT or other taxes levied on amounts mentioned in this article.
5.8. The tenant authorizes FF to rent a car to automatically deduct the following payments from the IBAN (account number) or credit card number known to FF’s car hire, stating “FF’s fine car hire and the booking number on the website. the moment they occur:
1. a payment due on loss or damage as a result of the non-fulfillment of these general conditions by the lessor.
2. to pay a fine on the basis of the fines policy of FF’s car
3. a payment due concerning our service.
4. fines and procedural costs concerning parking traffic or other violations including costs of towing or wheel clamp during the rental period
5.9. FF’s renting a car is at all times entitled to set off amounts owed and to suspend its service.

Article 6 – Termination

6.1. The tenant has the right to remove his account at FF’s car at any time.
6.2. FF’s renting of a car is entitled to terminate the rental agreement in writing, without notice of default or judicial intervention, inter alia in the following cases:
1. Attributable shortcoming of the rent in the performance of its obligations.
2. Death or under guardianship of the tenant.
3. Applying for suspension of payment, bankruptcy or to the Debt Rehabilitation Natural Persons of the tenant.
4. Establishment of the tenant abroad.
5. Theft, claim by the government of the car or seizure of the car.
6. If, after checking identification data (passport and driver’s license) of the tenant and / or driver irregularities are found.

6.3. In the event of termination of the lease, the tenant undertakes to place FF’s car in the possession of the vehicle.
6.4. Deduction commitments are not applicable to any rent paid.
6.5. In the event of a dissolution as referred to in paragraph 2 sub 1 and 5 of this article, FF’s renting a car is entitled to compensation.
6.6. FF’s renting a car has the right to remove the tenant’s profile if it conflicts with a provision of these general provisions.
6.7. Any pre-paid reservations will not be refunded when detecting irregularities of identification data.

Article 7 – Protection of personal data

7.1. FF’s renting a car stores and uses the tenant’s personal data for the execution of the lease and for the fulfillment of the legal obligations.
7.2. FF’s renting a car can use the data of the tenant for the purpose of sending information about products and services of FF’s car hire and its affiliated companies. FF’s renting of a car can also make the data available to its affiliated companies for that purpose. The tenant can lodge opposition against the aforementioned use or against the aforementioned posting to others, which opposition will be honored.
7.3. The Lessee can request at reasonable intervals to send the data such as FF ’s renting a car that has registered or to have access to it. The tenant can request FF’s car to request replenishment, modification or removal of certain data. Renting FF’s car will respond to such a request in accordance with legal requirements.
7.4. In the event of a shortcoming on the part of a tenant or the suspicion of offenses committed by the tenant / manager, the recording of the information provided will take place in warning systems used by FF’s car rental. Information about registered personal data and the duration of the registration can be requested in writing and at the expense of the tenant at FF’s car hire.
7.5. The tenant is opposed to FF ’s car hire for that the information provided by the tenant in the creation of the account is complete and accurate. During the registration, the tenant must also provide a password and username to gain access to his account.

7.6. The tenant is responsible for the adjustment of data when these are no longer correct.
7.7. Tenant is responsible for keeping the combination of the password and / or username confidential. The tenant may not provide this to third parties or give access to his account in any way. The tenant is therefore responsible for all the use that is made via your username and password. FF’s car hire may assume that the tenant is actually the one who logs in with your username and password. As soon as you know or have reason to suspect that a username or password has come into the hands of unauthorized persons, you must let FF know its car hire. You also have the obligation to take effective measures yourself, such as changing the password.

Article 8 – Other

8.1. In case one or more provisions of this agreement should not be valid (and) prove to be, the remaining provisions remain in full force.
8.2. Unless the tenant has notified changes to his place of residence, the tenant is deemed to have chosen domicile at the address stated by the tenant at the conclusion of the agreement.
8.3. In the event of a translation of these general terms and conditions, the Dutch text of these conditions prevails.
8.4. Any claims by the tenant expire after one year after the end of the tenancy agreement. In the event of complaints about the condition of the car at the time of commencement of the rental, the provisions of Article 2.3 must also be complied with. of these conditions.

Article 9 – Applicable law and competent court

9.1. Only Dutch law applies to the relationship between tenant and FF’s car hire.
9.2. All disputes arising from or connected with the rental of a vehicle are exclusively decided by the competent court of the location of FF’s car hire.
9.3. If the tenant is a consumer, the court of his domicile is authorized.

Article 10 – Penalty policy

10.1 When a tenant hires a car at FF’s car hire you give your agreement on the General Conditions. This includes the fines below.
1. Cancellation reservation after payment:> 48 hours free <48 hours no refund paid reservation.
2. Refueling the wrong fuel: € 25, – penalty plus additional repair costs.
3. Car cleaning: € 25, – fine plus car cleaning costs.
4. Damage: € 15, – administration costs plus costs for damage repair with a maximum of the deductible per claim.
5. Traffic and parking fines € 15.00 administration costs plus the costs of a fine.
6. If, when checking the passport and driving license, irregularities are detected with the result that the car is refused, no refund will be made of prepaid rent.
7. Unilateral extension of reservation € 25.00 fine per day excluding regular rental vehicle.
8. Not returning the car on the agreed day and time; € 25.00 per day.
9. Do not refuel when returning a rental car. € 25.00 fine plus costs of refueling.