Car rental

car rental

Car rental in Nijmegen

Rental company FF’n Auto Huren is your best option when you are looking to rent a car in Nijmegen and surroundings. We have durable and young used cars from the Honda brand that you can rent at advantageous prices. With us you are assured of a wide range of sustainable and economical cars. Both individuals and companies can contact us.

Quality and benefit

Do you temporarily need a car for a vacation or is your car in repair? You can count on FF’n auto huren car hire. Nowadays, environmental friendliness is becoming increasingly important, even on the road. The development of hybrid cars certainly plays a role in this. At FF’n Auto Huren in Nijmegen you can go to rent a hybrid car. In addition, all of our hybrid cars have an automatic gearbox, for which we do not charge a surcharge. Moreover, you drive in a higher class but enjoy the same economy as a city car. For a small fee like extras such as navigation, child seats, damage occupant insurance or a pick-up and return service. Our company strives to make driving for you as easy, reliable and of course as cheap as possible. If you choose to rent a hybrid car, you do not have to be afraid, like a fully electric car, that you will stop at the roadside. With our cars you are guaranteed to come from A to B. Prices start from € 35.00 per day, 100 kilometers free per day, if you drive more costs are €0.10 per kilometer, of course you can redeem the excess to €250.00. Do you want to have 100% certainty? You can also purchase additional damage insurance. A 24-hour breakdown service is standard. Whatever your needs and desires, you can always drive cheaply with us.

How does it work

It is very easy to use our service by creating an account or directly reserving a car. The delivery time of an available car is visible online and payment can be made safely and quickly online via iDEAL or credit card. Do you want to know more? See our terms and Agreement. For questions you can always contact us by calling 024-6792720 or mail us at