car rental in Nijmegen, Nethetlands


Rental cars in Nijmegen and surroundings

Car rental is no longer just for companies. As a private individual, you sometimes also need temporary transport. If you do not have your own vehicle in these cases, FF’n car rental offers a solution. With us you can rent a passenger car from the Nijmegen region and use it for free throughout Europe. To rent a cheap car you have come to the right place, our fleet consists mainly of economical and durable cars that are perfectly maintained, mainly hybrids so usually also a free vending machine.

Environmentally friendly and comfortable

There are a number of advantages to a hybrid car. Of course the car is more economical but it is also usually an automatic. If you choose to rent a hybrid car, you don’t have to be afraid as with  a fully electric car you will stand still along the road, because it charges itself. With our cars you are guaranteed to get from A to B.

Always advantageous

Not only the price of our cars is cheaper than our competitors, you also drive a class higher for the same money. A consumption of 1 to 20 km. is possible, the first 100 kilometers per day are included, if you go beyond that you pay € 0.10 per kilometer. The deposit is € 250.00 and € 750.00 is deductible. You can possibly surrender this for € 10.00 a day maximizing this to € 250.00 if you are over 21 years old. If you are unable to collect the car yourself, you can use our free collection and delivery service.

Do you have any more questions?  See our Terms and Conditions.  Or contact us by calling 024-6792720 or mail us at    see our prices here   Or make a reservation right away.